The team must fit the company. The team makes the company.

The team must fit the company. The team makes the company.


Winner Coaching for companies

Entrepreneur mindset for your team

Agile and NEW WORK are on everyone’s lips. Should it really be possible for a tool / a method to change the inner attitude and the culture in the company in the long term? Studies say: No, because change processes are doomed to failure even before they begin – if change is dictated.

But change is necessary when the current state is unsatisfactory.

Assessment, analysis, communication, consistency, sustainability…

Effective measures can only be implemented once the structural and personnel-related causes have been identified and specified.


Building blocks of my business & leadership training:

  • Team Assessment
  • Team analysis after takeover, merger, change of management, restructuring etc.
  • Team workshops and individual coaching
  • Strategic Team Development
  • Individual leadership training & coaching
  • Interview and communication training (e.g. NLP, body language)
  • Web-based potential / strengths analysis
  • Advice on applicant selection / assessment
  • Mediation and conflict resolution talks with individuals and groups
  • Feedback meetings on target and performance development
  • Separation talks

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