Trust is the magic power that beats all doubt. Self-doubt gives others power that is not theirs.

Trust is the magic power that beats all doubt. Self-doubt gives others power that is not theirs.

The Courage to be strong

Women Special

Stand your ground – with my special business coaching from woman to woman

  • You stand your ground – in life as well as in business?
  • You work hard for your career every day?
  • But instead of being happy about the successes you have achieved and celebrating yourself, your inner doubter, perfectionist and driver keep you permanently on your toes?
  • Inner peace – missing?
  • Do emotions prevent you from appearing factual and professional in meetings or negotiations at precisely the decisive moment, while your (male) colleagues skilfully put themselves in the limelight?

All this sounds familiar to you and you want to change that? Then you should not hesitate for long and contact me to learn more about my unique business coaching for women! In my programme you will learn how to:

  • Change your professional status positively
  • Present yourself authentically and confidently
  • Formulate accurately and at eye level and counter with repartee
    and much more.

We don’t win by fighting, but by being clever!

Get to know my Business Coaching for Women and learn more about this powerful program that will change your world and bring out your hidden strengths.

Content of my business coaching for women:

  • Checking the status quo (for all areas of life)
  • Analysis of your leadership personality
  • Potential / Strengths Analysis
  • Analysis Training of your conversation management / technique & role play training
  • Recognise and avoid pitfalls that are especially dangerous for women
  • Negotiation technique / strategy
  • Intensive training “Success & Spirit
  • Relationship management (professional/private)

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