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"The team must fit the company. Because the team makes the company."


The team must fit the company. The team makes the company.



Invest in your company’s future with B2B coaching by Regina

Entrepreneur mindset for your team

Well-coordinated B2B coaching can be of priceless value to any company. The right coaching supports you in achieving your business goals faster and more effectively. Studies show a significant improvement (between 40 and 70%) in teamwork and performance over one year, as well as an ROI of 5.7 (source: The Return Investment of Executive Coaching, Behavioral Change, Organizational Outcomes and Return on Investment, The Manchester Review, 2001).

I motivate employees and leaders while promoting new perspectives through various coaching methods, leading to higher productivity and performance. The demands on today’s leaders are diverse and challenging, and it´s too expensive to ignore this. Employers who have recognized this and who support and prepare their management team in a targeted and responsible manner for these challenging tasks have an advantage in better performance and a significant competitive advantage compared to competitors in the job market.

Each participant benefits directly through the individual 1:1 setting through methodical skills and personal development toward an intelligent and innovative leader, including communication and team management skills. You benefit from my years of experience as a manager and many best practice examples from my coaching practice. The resulting personal development through coaching will soon be visible and noticeable within the team. As an experienced coach, I tailor the individual coaching solutions to the needs of each participant. Invest in B2B coaching to realize your full team potential and secure your company’s future.

Assessment, analysis, communication, consistency, sustainability…

Effective measures can only be implemented once the structural and personnel-related causes have been identified and specified.

Building blocks of my business & leadership training:

  • Team Assessment
  • Team analysis after the takeover, merger, management change, restructuring, etc.
  • Team workshops and individual coaching
  • Strategic Team Development
  • Individual leadership training & coaching
  • Interview and communication training (e.g., NLP, body language)
  • Web-based potential/strength analysis
  • Advice on applicant selection/assessment
  • Mediation and conflict resolution talks with individuals and groups
  • Feedback meetings on target and performance development

The Gaining of Clarity

Career Coaching

Find your path to success – with my 3-month Career Coaching

The Courage to be Strong

Women Special

Stand your ground – with my special business coaching from woman to woman

the Journey to Freedom

Personality Intensive

Out of the hamster wheel, into a balanced life – with my intensive personality training

Individual coaching for your company

Whether an expansion in your company is planned, a change of leadership or a restructuring in the team is needed – with my coaching for your company, you are well advised in these change processes.

Professional guidance is necessary, especially when the current state is unsatisfactory, or there is uncertainty, dissatisfaction, or even distrust within the team. It is essential to involve your team to prevent this and bring about positive change in the company. Studies show that change processes are doomed to fail before they even begin when evolution is dictated, or communication does not provide precise information.

To successfully address the internal change, the analysis of the current state comes first. As part of B2B coaching, we analyze and develop possible causes on a structural, personal, and systemic level together to identify the right starting points for measures, changes, and solutions, to communicate and implement them afterward to achieve a successful change process that will serve the sustainable development of your company.


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