Success is what follows when you follow your purpose.


Success is what follows when you follow your purpose.


Workshops + Trainings

Communication and presentation training, motivational speeches, and workshops to handle conflicts professionally. My lectures, workshops, and training offer new perspectives to get action.

The spark that ignites in a lecture because a crucial detail has been addressed or a strong message has been conveyed can unleash energy.

When structural failures and deficits in attitude have been manifested in a company’s culture can seriously damage and alter a company’s efficiency and philosophy. The costs, therefore, are immense because frustrated and unmotivated people do not perform.

Leaders who want but not being capable can´t lead in an attractive purpose-driven manner. The courage and ability to conduct an (unpleasant) constructive feedback conversation often push leaders to their limits from several perspectives. However, this aspect of leadership cannot be underestimated anymore.

This is an example of topics I address in my workshops, training, lectures, and coaching sessions.


The setting here is secondary. Whether you are based in Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Zurich, Bern, the DACH region, or somewhere around the world, the workshops can take place either offline at your location or flexibly online.

You can also meet me in person at live events. Here is the current schedule to experience me live.

Top Workshop Examples

When the topics are complex, the format should be mindful and light.

In my lectures, workshops, and training, I focus on the following:

  • Participants shall have fun.
  • Giving room for conversations and different perspectives.
  • The ability to take away new insights.
  • Developing common goals.
  • Being able to implement and apply the content and what was learned in everyday life (professional/personal).
  • Achieving a measurable increase in employee satisfaction and performance.

The conceptual structure of my training and workshops benefits from over 30 years of professional experience on the one hand and the other side from validated business coaching methodology, mediation, personal development, and systemic coaching.



Looking for something like this and still seeking inspiration? Let´s get in touch and talk about it.

Lectures +

In addition to coaching workshops and training, I give speeches on leadership, personal development, team spirit, and company change. My B2B clients include media and consulting, financial services, venture capital, and fast-growing, well-settled startups.

My public appearances are structured, informative, and entertaining, with a good sense of humor. In my workshops, each audience member takes away a gift: a unique insight for self-reflection.


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